Aris Ziagos Wants to Share Some Love with the World

I have know Aris Ziagos for years and I have been both a friend and a fan. It’s so easy to be a fan of his music because Aris is a true artist. You can hear his heart and soul in each song, each verse, each beat. You can see it when he performs, and he shares his talent with other artists by helping to produce music for them, remix songs, put together shows, and more.
I have know there was a new remix of his song with Paula Cole, ‘Love’ and I’ve even had the privilege of hearing it before its official release. I love the original as well as the remix because each version of the song moves me, makes me want to move, and just makes me feel good. So, when Aris asked me if I would like to premiere the song here on my blog, I practically jumped from the back seat of the car (where I was sitting on a drive to the beach in NYC) to exclaim a BIG YES! I also thought I’d get him to answer a few questions too while we were at it because, hey, I like to ask questions and let you all know a little more about the people I admire.
Here is the interview, including video footage of Aris and Paula performing her song, ‘I Believe in Love’ live and at the end you will find the latest remix of Aris’ song ‘Love’ featuring Paula.
Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the background for the song ‘Love’ and how you came to work with Paula Cole?
Aris Ziagos: Yes! I got the opportunity to perform with Paula a few years ago at one of  her shows, singing a duet of her 1999 single “I Believe In Love”.
The experience was life changing and very inspiring for me, and was the inspiration for “Love”. After I wrote the song, I approached Paula about contributing her vocals to the track, and with her blessing, we now have our collaboration “Love” which utilizes elements of her song “I Believe In Love”. The track is a 6 minute celebration on the dance floor, carried by lush strings, throbbing bass and rich harmonies. I’m grateful to be able to share it!   It’s the opening track to my new album, and also the title track, and people have really resonated with it in a very universal way.  I’m excited to be able to share different versions of the track this year, including this new Mission Groove remix!
Q: Music is always very personal and songs can have different meanings to different people. What does the song ‘Love’ mean to/for you?
Aris Ziagos: It’s about letting go of the past and letting in the light. It’s about the power of love to move mountains and be a transcendent force in our lives. It’s about how we are challenged to be better versions of ourselves because of love, and about gratitude!
(Tommy: This is a great description of the song and an awesome definition of love!)
Q: We may have done this one before, but I ask it all the time:
What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without? Aris: LOVE!
 and one thing you wish we could all live without?  Aris: TRUMP!
Q: You have been producing some music for others, can you tell us what projects you have out & how that came about?
Aris: I’ve been producing my own works for close to a decade, and finally understand where I’m coming from sonically and what my unique  perspective is. With that confidence has come the opportunity to utilize my songwriting & production skills to help other artists find new spaces sonically. I have a remix  out now of Ari Gold‘s single “NGOR Radio”  on his  “Remix to Freedom” project which takes his EDM track into alt rock & triphop territories. For me, remixes are all about taking the original song and re-imagining it to bring different life to it.
Q: Any upcoming collaborations you can talk about?
Aris: I have a bunch in the works, including some great songs with Coby Koehl, Ari Gold, and Vincent DiGeronimo that we’re finishing up and looking for the best way to release. They might end up on one of our new albums or be released as stand-alone singles in 2020. There’s a lot of really emotional singing and inspiration moments. Stay tuned!
Q: Where can people find you and your music online?
Aris: My music is available for purchase & stream on:
and all digital retailers  (Search for “Aris Love”)
as well as on social
You can also get music directly from me and cut out the middle men
on my official website
Q: What’s up next for the talented and passionate Aris Ziagos?
Aris: I’m working on more remixes & a music video for my single “Love”, as well as additional remixes of tracks from the new album. I’ve also begun recording my next album, which will be a rock & soul album filled with very personal inspirational songs that I’m really looking forward to sharing with the world.
Tommy: Stay tuned indeed, I know there are lots of amazing things coming from Aris, even a few things we have done together for you to see/hear/enjoy…………….
Here is Love (Mission Groove Remix) feat. Paula Cole:
On Spotify:

Apple Music



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