The Boy With the Rainbow Heart will touch your soul in all the right ways

boy with the rainbow heart
A while back, I was introduced to the book ‘The Boy With The Rainbow Heart‘ and the author, Will Mason. I immediately loved the idea of a book about a boy who was different from everyone else because of his rainbow heart because it reminded me of myself when I was growing up. I was always a little different from everyone else, a bit more empathic, I felt more, I thought a little deeper, and I felt differently than everyone else. By staying true to myself (even when I had to hide certain aspects from certain groups) I was able to create a life for myself that includes like minded people who share the same type of heart as I have.
This series is important to me because I feel like it will help children who are growing up feeling different, it can help children who are bullying these kids, it can help parents and teachers to learn more which they can then teach.
I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign knowing that this was a project I wanted to see out there and I know you will all love this series as much as I do. Please allow me to introduce you to the author, Will Mason:
boy with the rainbow heart book
Q: Tell us a little about how The Boy with the Rainbow Heart came about? 
Will Mason: There is no question that the story came out of me because I witnessed the struggled my sister experienced growing up gay – both at home and at school.  Without experiencing Jessica’s pain, the story wouldn’t have been thought of – plain and simple.  Because of her experiences, one day the concept and original script just poured out of me – totally randomly – which is funny because it was the first creative writing piece that I had done in years.

Q: The Kickstarter for the books was very successful. How did it feel to know you had so many people interested and so much support for the project? 

Will Mason: Kickstarter is an amazing platform, because it allows like-minded and generous people to back something that they believe in – and by doing so – they become a part of this entire story and journey.  I am indebted to my Kickstarter backers – without them and their belief in the mission of our series, this all wouldn’t be possible.  It feels amazing and I will always be grateful.

Q: Do you believe there are those of us who truly posses rainbow hearts? I’d like to think so and I’ve suspected mine is quite the rainbow as well. 

Will Mason: YES – without a doubt!  My sister was BORN with a rainbow heart!  BUT, even if you aren’t born with a rainbow heart, and you want to live with a rainbow heart – WHO CARES!  One day, the goal is to wake up and view sexual identity and preference as no different than someone’s favorite color – WHO CARES!  My question is – how kind is your heart? Not what color!
boy with rainbow heart doll

Q: Can the book be purchased now? 

Will Mason: Yes, they both can be purchased on most retail websites, some book-stores, some Barnes & Noble locations, but the most popular avenue to purchase copies would be via Amazon – the sequel should be available this fall!

Q: What are you working on next?

Will Mason: I am continuing with the Rainbow Heart series – book three is underway and it is called, “Greedy Green’s Halloween.”  This book talks about greed and feeling empty – and I believe it is a really fun change-up with the series.  Expect the release in the fall of 2020.  Other than the Rainbow Heart series, I am doing other various projects – one called, “Duffy the Famous Wing,” about how a special chicken wing became famous.  What can I say – I am from Buffalo!

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

Will Mason: Speaking of wings – I definitely cannot live without chicken wings.  But not any wings – they have to be wings from Buffalo, specifically from Duff’s.  I also cannot live without my wife and dog – they are my family! 🙂  I wish we could all live without hearing about Donald Trump on the news EVERY DAY!  I really hope someone else is president in 2020 – ANYONE else, please!

Q: Where can we find you and the book online?

Will Mason: I am sadly just now working on building a personal author website, but you can go to our FB page by searching “The Boy with the Rainbow Heart,” and you can find me on most social media with my name “@masows00.” All my books can be found on amazon – just search the title!

Q: Are the Boy with the Rainbow Heart dolls for sale as well?

Will Mason: The dolls unfortunately are not for sale – that was just a limited-edition reward for Kickstarter backers, but I might be ordering more to sell online – stay tuned!
big angry red

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