Holiday Gifts for men

With the holidays fast approaching, our minds are turning to our gift lists and I’m sure there are some areas that seem overwhelming when it comes to finding the right items and gifts you know your favorite guys can actually use. When it comes to giving, it’s always the thought that counts, BUT it does feel good to see someone actually get enjoyment and use from something we’ve given them.

I like to think I’m pretty easy to shop for but I also think, when it comes to personal taste, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what someone would love most, get the most use from, or need to add to their go-to looks. Menlo Club is perfect for men who need to add new pieces to their wardrobe regularly but may not have the time to do frequent shopping, keep up with current looks and trends, or guys who just like to save money and stay close to a budget. The items are all high quality, there is a personal style profile to fill out, and there are price ranges. They are having an awesome sale right now too, the first month is only $20, featuring a crewneck & jeans (retail Value of $163). It’s like having a personal stylist pick out your items. 
Each month, you receive shirts, jackets, jeans, chinos, shoes, sneakers, and more.


***For the offer, you can choose which you’d like best with the following codes:

$20 sale ends 11/30/21 at 11:59pm PST

$20 First Month Package with Code JACKPOT20TB1 (Case Sensitive); Package Includes Sunset Crewneck (Navy) and Ferdi Jeans (Gray) – Retail Value of $163

$20 First Month Package with Code JACKPOT20TB3 (Case Sensitive); Package Includes Meyer Button Up Shirt (Blue), Ferdi Jeans (Gray) + FREE La Brea T-Shirt – Retail Value of $155

$20 First Month Package with Code JACKPOT20TB4 (Case Sensitive); Package Includes Luka Jacket (Wood), Cali Chino Pant (Black) + FREE La Brea T-Shirt – Retail Value of $168.

For guys who like shoes and keeping up with footwear as another accessory to their outfits, New Republic has some great styles that won’t break that bank! From gym to office to hangout to nights out, you are sure to find something noteworthy and needed. The good thing is, New Republic has women covered as well.


For the foodies in your life who don’t always have time to eat out or cook for themselves and still want to keep it healthy and delicious, iGourmet has you covered! I really love the soups and the pre-packaged meals for quick lunches and dinner. It’s great for those days you get so busy you forget to take out all you need to prepare a good meal in time. There are so many choices that fit pretty much every lifestyle, diet, preference, and need.

So, happy holidays and happy shopping. I hope you find something here you can use for the special people on your list.


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