What/Who makes you jump for joy? Find Confidence in that….

Confidence isn’t always easy to find or access, and for some it may feel impossible. But, I would say that if you look back, you will realize there were times you’ve already felt SUPER confident doing certain things because of where they were, who you were with, or what activities were involved. Sometimes, knowing you will enjoy something or spending time with someone can be motivation to being more confident about being able to do the things you need to do.

Take hiking for example. I bet no one who has gone hiking for me knows I was (and still am to a degree) afraid of heights. I absolutely love the feeling I get from the exercise standpoint, I marvel at the views, and I thoroughly enjoy the company and conversations I have while hiking. But when I first started doing it, I wouldn’t dream of going alone because my fear would take over and I wouldn’t get very far. As I began to tackle different trails, they would get more difficult, go a bit higher, and at times the paths have been pretty narrow. I think since I started hiking when I first began coming to one of my very favorite places to spend time with my very favorite people, I was able to find the confidence to go on my initial hikes and from there it grew into something I have since done all by myself or even taken others on for their very first time too.

Hiking is much more popular among my Los Angeles friends and I”m happy to say I have been on hikes with most of them, even if they hadn’t been into it all that much prior. It’s just something I look forward to now and I know I benefit so much from the physical parts of a good hour or so on a trail. There is the added beauty of nature and the healthy part of being out in fresh air. All of which wouldn’t have been possible if I had not reconditioned myself and my mind to look at it as enjoyable as well as beneficial over scary or something I should worry about doing.

What is something you feel you need more confidence in that you can make into a two person activity or a group activity? Maybe you can do something you’d like to feel more confident about in a place that has good energy or memories for you? Like perhaps take a painting lesson at a friend’s house where you have shared some good times so it holds a little power for you and helps to be in that place, with that friend. As I said earlier, I really do love hiking with my friends because they give me the motivation to find that confidence to conquer those heights.

Let me know what sort of activities you choose and how you will bring out that confidence OR let me know what things you feel you lack confidence in and let’s see if we can figure out some activities or places you can do them that will inspire your inner confidence and recondition your thinking about it. If you associate something you may fear or lack confidence in with something, someplace or someone who has a positive affect on you, you may be able to recondition yourself to associate it with good feelings and energy.


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