Take some time to get to know 2nd Hour

what i see

Have you heard of ‘2nd Hour’? Well, trust me, you will be hearing lots from them. It’s the new collaboration between my friends and American Idol alums Effie Passero and David Hernandez. Their first single and video, ‘What I see’,  is out today (1/21/20). The single is available on Apple Music and the video is on YouTube.

If you have seen them perform over the past year or you follow them on social media, you have probably seen and heard this incredible song at some point. It is truly an emotional, powerful piece that is perfect for their talents. When David or Effie perform, it’s very hard not to feel so much.  When they perform together, I believe I am transported to another place and time where everything is always ok!

I’ve loved this song so much that when I heard they were doing a video for it, I had to jump on board as a producer. I believe in the power of music, of this song, and of these artists. I marvel at their talent, their style, commitment, and am always thrilled to see them perform.

The video is classic, simple (but very much visually appealing), moving, which makes a perfect platform to showcase the lyrics and these voices.

I truly hope you enjoy this and share the heck out of it! I’m confident that you will and I suspect we’ll be hearing it lots along with other music from 2nd Hour, which excites me. The combination of these talents is something we haven’t seen in a long time, something we need to see, something we should want to see. I’m beyond proud to introduce you to ‘What I See’:


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