2019 ( and beyond) Holiday Gift Guide For Last Minute and Hard to Shop for people on your list


The holidays always seem to sneak up on us no matter how much we prepare. This year was a busy one for me, and I’m sure for many of you too. Then, there are also people who, no matter how hard we wrack our brains, we just can’t think of the perfect gift to give. With only days left to shop, this can be stressful. As luck would have it, over the past year(s), I have come across a few items that may be of help to you and I want to share them.


First, we all know people who work out and we all know people who suffer from muscle aches and pains from working out, daily life, and maybe even accidents. This year, I was introduced to a tool called Pso-Rite (pronounced like SO Right). It helps with muscle recovery and stretching and is recommended by every die hard workout enthusiast and trainer I know. It’s priced around $80, so it’s pretty budget friendly too! Find out more about them at their website AND you can use my friend’s code DAVID20 to get 20% off your order! I LOVE it so much because it help me to do the things I normally go to acupuncture and massage for.

pride cbd gummies

Keeping with the theme of health and wellness, I recently found a company called Pride CBD. CBD is a great way to deal with stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety. There are no side effects and no drowsiness the next day. I have been using the gummies, which taste great and work wonderfully. The best part is, Pride CBD donates proceeds to various LGBTQ charities too! You can use MY code TOMMY to get 20% off at their website and free shipping!

daily playbook

Pretty much everyone could use a little help organizing their lives and goals on a daily basis. A friend of mine has this awesome book called the Daily Playbook. He used these tips and techniques to jump start his goals and structure his days a bit better. I’ve been using mine for a few months now and I love it. That book is available on Amazon and while you are over there, you can check out his other book, All I have to Give, which is a touching Christmas story.

boy with the rainbow heart book

I’m going to keep with the topic of books for a bit, the next items are a series of books in the Boy With The Rainbow Heart collection. These are great for kids because they teach the valuable lessons of acceptance and accepting yourself as well as lessons on dealing with bullies. You can find those on Amazon as well.

breath to succeed

Another book I would recommend to anyone is Breathe to Succeed by Sandy Abrams. We could all use a reminder to breathe from time to time AND why it is so important. Sandy teaches you the power of mindfulness and how that can increase productivity, benefit your health, and combat anxiety and stress. Doesn’t that sound like something just about everyone can use?

rm xvi

One more book I would recommend is for the lovers of photography, the male form, and underwear. Mark MacKillop who is currently touring with the musical Anastasia took these beautiful photographs of himself when he was traveling in 2013 and 2014 and created Rm XIV.

follow my lead.jpg

The last book I would recommend is one that is very special to me, it was written by my late friend who became my mentor, Carol Quinn. Follow my Lead: What Training my dogs Taught me about Life, Love, and Happiness is a delightful read with many life lessons. I have given it as a gift to many friends and my copy is always close by on my book shelf. It really is the story of how Carol learned so much about her own life while in the process of training her own dogs for shows.

space between

Sticking with books, I absolutely LOVE Nico Tortorella’s book of poetry, All of it is You. If you love Nico on Younger on TV Land, the new Walking Dead series, or any of their other amazing projects and activism OR if you just love good poetry, this one is for you (or them as a gift). Nico also wrote and autobiography that is fascinating and helpful in bridging the gaps that exist when it comes to sexuality, love, and fluidity. That one is their latest called Space Between. Both are available on Amazon.


Let’s talk jewelry for a minute. I have a favorite line, YautonomY. There are such unique, interesting, and smart looking pieces. Most are unisex too, so that makes it a little easier for the hard to shop for too! I’ve gotten so many compliments on mine as well as many comments when I’ve posted pictures. I have two rings from them and a bracelet so far but I definitely intend to add a few more to my collection.

dragon ring

I’ll stick with jewelry because I have another favorite! If you know me, you see me wearing my dragon ring all the time and that came from BethCarina. Based in Australia, she gets her inspiration from natural stones and makes some really gorgeous, detailed pieces.

cher perfume

Switching gears to scents now. Everyone should have a few perfumes/colognes they wear regularly. They become your signature scent and can remind people of you as well. I recently tried a few from Zara and got so many compliments. Who would have thought? Such affordable fragrance can be a big hit! Also, for the Cher fans out there, I have been wearing her new fragrance as well and it works for men too!


My very favorite skincare line is Kiehl’s, they have the perfect products for men and women alike! And men, you can use the women’s products too, so don’t be afraid! The thing I love most about them is the staff! No matter what store I’ve been to, they are always so helpful I’m SURE they can assist you in picking out the perfect products for whoever you are shopping for! Everyone should have a good skincare routine and Kiehl’s makes it so easy for a great price! I even know aestheticians who use it in their services (but don’t tell them I told you).


Speaking of creating signature scents, you should also have signature looks and today, the lines are blurred completely between the sexes and I love that. My friend Jeff Parshley created a unisex line of nail polish that has such vibrant colors, I love wearing it for events, on red carpets, and everyday. NowPolish is showing us that everyone can wear nail color and everyone should be proud to! Be YOU, show off your true colors!

next gay thing

Now, lets talk underwear. Yes, underwear. Everyone can use some stylish, sexy pairs! You can check out NextGayThing (and you don’t have to be gay to get them). It’s a monthly pack of underwear AND grooming products delivered to your door. You can even get a pair of cool socks each month which I like to have as part of my signature look.

underwear expert

Another company you can check out is Underwear Expert where you can get one or a few pair of underwear each month or less often if you like. They also have all of the latest, hottest styles!

Each company offers great styles to keep you up to date and I think most people need to get rid of their older underwear more often too. Also, keep in mind that now underwear and socks are totally cool now with all the different designs and styles. It really adds so much to your look and wardrobe to have some fresh looking pieces that express your personality and interest.

If you have wine lovers on your list, why not pick up some wine from One Hope Wine? For each wine, money is donated to various causes and charities so you could gift someone their favorite wine which will also generate a donation to a cause close to their heart. That seems like a win-win and perfect for anyone you are having trouble finding a gift for.

Derek at Grand Central market giving some neon vibes.

Lastly, I want to suggest something for people who are open to exploring more about themselves on a spiritual level. I’ve done past life regression and learned so much about my past, my present, and myself. Derek Jameson offers reading, regressions, and more over at WonderfulLightBody. If you or the person you are gifting happen to be in LA, he also does personal training. Check out all he has to offer. Even if this sounds “out there” to you, I’m telling you, it is totally life-changing once you open yourself up to it and so comforting to know there is more to this whole life experience than we ever imagined.

I hope I gave you a few ideas and help your shopping efforts a little. If you do purchase something for yourself or as gifts for someone, let me know what you or they thought of it! You can always hit me up on social media, share photos, etc. You can find me as teeco71 on Twitter and Instagram or comment here!


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