The Holidays may look a little different but we still have plenty of gifts to recommend

2020 has been a very strange year and, also, a tough one for many of us. Everything about this year has been different, with the holidays fast approaching it is becoming more obvious that those will be different too. We want to have as much normal as we can, even if we can’t gather or see the people we would normally be visiting and spending time with. I think, this year more than ever, we may be searching for great gifts to send to people or to bring them (safely of course).

I’ve decided to compile a list of items I have been loving this year, some even have discounts. I hope this helps with holiday gift giving, spreading holiday cheer, and introducing you and your loved ones to products you will love too!

The first item I want to talk about is shoes! Who doesn’t love a good pair of comfy shoes, plus who doesn’t need them? I knew about Sperry for years but I really fell in love with them at the New York Fashion Week Men’s Fashion Week event I attended last year or early this year. Time has become such a blur but the memories of the things I enjoyed haven’t. They have shoes for every occasion, every mood, every style, men, women, and kids. The shoes I was drawn to were the A/O Chukka Suede in navy. Something about a blue suede shoe that just seems appealing and hey The King even wrote a song about them. Be sure to check them out and if there are sales, jump on it. With Sperry, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for style and that is something I love!

The next product I’d like to talk about is Orgain organic protein. If you know someone who is all about their health or trying to achieve a weight loss goal, this is a delicious way to help them out. The organic, vegan, clean protein shakes have been a big part of my own weight loss/health goals this year. The added benefit is the anti-oxidant and immunity boost. The flavors are incredible, not chalky at all like many protein powders and they taste just like a sinful milkshake. There are also protein bars, individual packets, organic greens, Collagen Peptides, and now even protein pancakes! The best thing is they have something for everyone, and even products you can travel with. The pancakes are a great way to keep the variety going too. With Orgain, you can also use code TEECO30 for 30% off your very first order so you may want to grab some for yourself along with those gifts. They really do have something for everyone and every taste.

Once you get a bit more fit, you also may want to check out some men’s underwear. I have a few favorite brands so let’s get started. I’ve personally tried each of these in various cuts and colors, plus bathing suits, lounge wear and t-shirts. I like to be stylish and as comfortable as possible, especially the past few months as we’ve moved through phases of lock downs.

Lets’s start with one in NYC (where I was born and raised). Skull and Bones has the most attractive patterns, styles, and cuts. They have lounge wear, bathing suits, t-shirts and socks. Men, you’ll love them, ladies you’ll love seeing your men in them. They always have great sales going and now they even include a free face mask with every purchase. I get so many compliments when I wear mine, plus I’m always very comfortable no matter what I’m doing. Give them a look and I’m sure you’ll find a few looks you love. Again, guys, I think you’ll want to pick up some pieces for yourself along with the gifts and ladies, great looking underwear on your man is a gift for you too.

Since I’ve been home so much this year, I guess I’ve become a bit more of a men’s underwear and lounge wear expert. Another company I find comfortable and stylish is Happy Bulge. They also have swimwear I love, socks, face masks, t-shirts, and more. I cannot wait to be able to go on vacation with the new bathing suits I picked up while at home, I’m definitely more than ready for sun and fun! Check them out and see what styles fit your personality and those of the people on your gift list. Trust me, there is something for everyone.

Another underwear company I love is Nooks boxer briefs. So smooth and cozy, plus they come in these fantastic colors to make any man feel super cool! Check out the names: The Firecrackers (red), Purple Rain (purple/lilac), The Lighting Bolts (yellow), The Peppermints (light blue), The Pumpkin Spices (orange), The Blackouts (black), and The Space Grays (grey). Trust me, they are great for everyday and every man.

A company I just came across and tried is Todd Sanfield, who also does these incredible photo shoots from the most exotic locations to model the product himself. Talk about throwing yourself into your work. His designs are unique and the fabrics are like wearing nothing at all. He’s got swimsuits and underwear in different cuts and styles plus some tees. And talk about quality, the materials are all luxurious, the make, feel, and stitching TOP of the line! If you follow him on social media, you’ll be treated to the awesome shoot locations and video he takes at each.

Almost done with underwear as we move on to Box Menswear. Again, all very comfortable and something for each style and mood. I don’t think you can scroll through Instagram without seeing someone modeling these off! Great colors, great cuts and I’ve been buying these for a while so I know they last.

Last but not least, (in the menswear dept) if you know someone who would enjoy a subscription box where they get a paid of underwear and full size grooming products each month, check out Next Gay Thing. If you use code ref5696475 you’ll even get 10% off your first purchase. Don’t let the name fool you, these days most men would enjoy a box each month with products to try out and also not have to worry about buying underwear. You get to do a profile so you pick the preferred style.

Now, let’s switch to coffee and products that make our mornings/days easier and more enjoyable. Because, what is life without coffee???

The first company I have been loving is Coffee Over Cardio, first because of the name and second because it’s some darn good coffee! They also have some great accessories and one of the best decaf coffees I’ve had (I know that’s a coffee sin but sometimes you need to wind down and still need your coffee flavor). For them, you can use 10TommyGCoffee for 10% off any order you make. I personally love the coffee measuring spoons with the clips and the cold brew maker and so many of the flavored coffees. I think it makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Speaking of coffee, for years I’ve heard you haven’t had a cup of coffee until you had it make in a French Press Coffee Maker and recently, I’ve found out that is TRUE. Also, you can find really affordable ones like Cafe Du Chateau. I now have their French Press and I adore it! Also if you use code Teeco71, you get 20% off your purchase! Try it out, give it to a coffee lover in your life, and they also have a cold brew maker.

Another coffee company I’m in love with for their quality and flavors is Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee from the Gilmore Girls Scott Patterson (Luke Danes himself). Now you can have Luke’s famous coffee right in your own home any time (but I’m SURE this is much better than Luke’s Diner coffee). I also tried their decaf because I have learned that if a company can make a great decaf that is rich and bold, they KNOW coffee. Try them out, give the out, enjoy!

From coffee to vitamins and supplements, we go to High Level vitamins because we should all be living High Level. Again, when it comes to nutrition and health clean is always best! The ingredients in many things that are supposed to healthy for us are often not as healthy as we think. With High Level, I always know I’m getting pure ingredients and they are what these are products they also use themselves So they aren’t just selling things, they are creating what they need and want, then sharing them with the world. For an added bonus, use code Teeco71 for 15% off.

As you can see, I’m picking mostly small businesses and also trying to give you as many discounts as I have come across with products I love, buy, and use myself. I’d also love to interview some of the merchants at some point in written format or on my podcast. I think this past year has been tough but it has given us lots to think about, talk about, and be grateful for. Let’s continue with a few more:

You can support a small black owned business by checking out Sadness is a Brand from my friend Trent Park for some comfy T-shirts and hoodies. I just one up in the mauve color and I love it! While you’re at it, check out Trent’s music as well. So talented!

Another small business from a friend of mine is the unisex nail polish company NOW Polish. Jeff Parshely, from the NOH8 Campaign (where you can also find some great gifts AND support a great cause!) started this company to show us that everyone can wear nail polish, or whatever you feel drawn to. The colors are fantastic and last long, especially if you use the matte finish top coat. I love to wear them everyday but I make sure to have it on for photo shoots or events to give my look a little more color and pop!

Do you use CBD for relaxation, sleep, recovery? Do you know someone who does? Out and About CBD has all you need from pain relieving creams to CBD gummies, to sleep aids, and MORE. Here you can use code TG20 for 20% off your purchase and you can learn more about CBD, its uses and benefits on their site. I’ve been using their gummies, mints, and a few other products for months now, so I can vouch for the quality.

I found this really cool little backpack that’s just the right size for a day trip, hike, day around the city, or a road trip. I think the color makes it extra unique, plus it holds more than you would think by looking at it. You can pick one up at LifeStyleLiving and use code TommyG10 for 10% off of your purchase.

If you’re looking for quality, cool sunglasses. Glimmer Spectacles is a triple threat because they have great styles, they give money to charity from each purchase to help combat childhood eyesight loss AND they offer a discount. You can use code TommyG for 10% off your purchase.

If you’re looking for some crystals for someone or you are into them yourself, my friend Derek Jameson has some amazing items at Wonderful Light Body. I think I have almost every one of the ones he sells and I also LOVE his candles. Plus he offers classes, Holistic, Fitness, and spiritual life coaching. Be sure to check it all out.

I hope there are a few things that help you out with your holiday shopping. Let me know what you think and if this helps or how you or whoever you give them to like it!


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