Is Staying home getting to you? These artists want to entertain you!


Many of us are going into our second and third weeks of quarantine, some less, but I think we can all agree we are looking for something new to hold our attention. We want to see people, find out how they’re doing. We definitely want to dine out with friends, head to our favorite movies, concerts, shows, etc. Some of us are lucky enough to be working from home, but many aren’t faring as well. Our artist community is among those affected by the cancellations, shutdowns, and isolation but many of them are offering online shows to entertain you while giving you a connection to the outside world. Each of them are doing this free of charge because they know not everyone has a steady income source or an income source at all right now.


If you are looking for something to do, I put together a list of artists offering shows for you to visit. If you are fortunate enough to still have your regular income, you can feel free to donate a few dollars and so many of them are taking requests of your favorite songs in return. Check them out, sit back, and enjoy!! I’ll update the information as often as I can and feel free to let me know of any artists you know who are doing live streams or if you are an artist who is doing something as well!


First up, my good friend (and SUPER talented) David Hernandez will have a show this Wednesday, as he has for the past two weeks. It will be broadcast on his Facebook live and also his Instagram live 7PM PT 10PM ET. If you’d like to donate before, during, or after the performance, you can do so via Venmo or Paypal. The past two weeks have been amazing and I’m sure you’ll find yourself dancing too.


Another extremely talented friend of mine, Daniel LeClaire has been doing a few shows each week with his band mates. They were supposed to be performing in Puerto Vallarta before all of the closures shut things down there too. You can see them perform on Daniel’s Facebook Page Live and on his Instagram Live on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays 7:30 PM CT, 8:30 PM ET 5:30 PM PT. And of course, you can donate to them via Venmo and Paypal.


I’m very fortunate to have so many talented artist friends, Brett Gleason is someone I have know for around ten years and he has also been doing shows to help everyone escape the craziness for a little while. He has a show coming up this Monday 3/30 at 8PM ET 5PM PT on his Youtube Page Live. You can donate to Brett via Venmo and Patreon.

Let’s keep supporting each other in any and every way we can. Let’s keep encouraging each other and distracting each other when necessary. It has been truly beautiful to see so many people sharing their gifts with each other.



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