Sometimes, we need a little help to stay calm and Calm Sunshine can help.


How many of us have job stress, big city stress, a bit of social or big crowd anxiety? I don’t think we are as alone as we think. I’m a friendly person, I can be outgoing when I’m comfortable, but for some reason there are times where my brain just isn’t in the mood to let me be so open. I can’t always explain why. Sometimes, it’s an unfamiliar place with lots of new faces, sometimes it’s pressure to be “on”. Traveling on an airplane isn’t really stressful. I’m not afraid to fly but the airport itself can just be overwhelming.

After driving for years, I also tend to get anxious in traffic (and there is ALWAYS traffic these days). The subway in NYC doesn’t make me anxious, not even having to stop mid-trip in tunnels but being around so many people can make me a bit tense. I know it has something to do with so much energy in one place. The more people are around, the more energy there is and the more directions I am taken in because I am sensitive to the energy of others.


For a while I just dealt with it but then it was getting to be a problem so I tried somethign called Lexapro. That was a huge mistake for someone who is as passionate and animated as I am. I was on it for a while when I noticed I really didn’t have emotions anymore. Someone would tell me about something that upset them and I wasn’t feeling the empathy I normally would. An event or holiday would be coming up and I wasn’t as happy or excited about it as I usually would be. Someone would give me something as a gift and I didn’t feel the joy of being remembered or the joy from knowing someone knew me well enough to get me such a great gift.


After the Lexapro, I tried Xanax but I also felt it was a drug I didn’t want to rely on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it if you must but I wasn’t sure I wanted to rely on these things long term. I know some people use marijuana as a natural assist but I’m not so great at smoking anything. I started to hear about CBD and CBD oils and how they can help to relax you, help you sleep, and ease anxiety. This sounded like something I could do.

I’ve been to many gifting suites during award seasons where I would get CBD products as gifts and I figured that would be a great time to try it. What do ya know, it works! Just because there is no marijuana in it, doesn’t mean you don’t have to know how it will affect your body. Some dosages can be too much or too little for certain people and sometimes you may need a little more to help you sleep or help you calm down.


I recently met the people of Calm Sunshine, who do more than simply sell CBD products. They are also all about educating people about CBD and CBD products, their uses, the different dosages, and the different forms they come in. You can head over to their website to find out more (You have to be over 21 to enter). Check out their products. I love the gummies and I especially love that they come in sugar free options as well.

If you have people in your life who would like to know more about what CBD products can do for you, how they work, and how they help, you can even host a Calm Sunshine CBD Wellness event. I, for one, am so glad we are exploring more natural ways to deal with physical ailments as well as physical and mental stress.

I can also attest to the fact that CBD creams and oils can be used to help alleviate aches and pains. I’ve used them after a week of workouts, sitting for hours in traffic, sitting for hours at a desk, etc. The other thing I really like about Calm Sunshine are their prices. Some of these products bought elsewhere can be very pricey but they try to keep it affordable so it is accessible to more people who need it.


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