Check out Milan Gianni covering Sam Smith and learn a little more about him


I’m so happy to be able to premiere a brand new music video from artist Milan Gianni. It’s his cover of Sam Smith’s ‘How Do You Sleep’ and it’s premiering here first! Check out a little Q&A I did with him as well, just so we all get to know him a little better.

Q: You’re about to release a cover of Sam Smith’s ‘How do you Sleep’. As an LGBTQ artist, how does it feel to be covering THE Sam Smith? Has he been an influence on you?

Milan Gianni: Yes I’m super excited about it! It feels surreal. It’s such a huge honor to be covering THE sam smith. Yes, he’s most definitely had an influence on me. I’ve followed his journey since the beginning of his mainstream career and I’ve always been so inspired by him as a singer & songwriter. The way he’s able to pour his soul into every record I just can connect with that type of commitment to my art. He’s such a trail blazer and has toar down so many barriers for lgbtq recording artist and just our community in general.

I’ve read that Prince and Michael Jackson have also been influences on you. What have you learned from each of those artists? 

Milan Gianni: Michael Jackson and Prince have definitely had a huge influence on me. As a young boy I can remember being mesmerized watching them perform. I’ve learned so much for them both. I would study how they would literally come alive on stage. It was almost like an outer body experience for them. They were absolutely fearless and in control. It was like the were commanders and the world was their army. Their shows were like taking a step inside their mind. Although they were private individuals in their personal lives but in the art they bared their souls. That’s a few of the many gems I hold dear to heart from the two performs. How to connect with your audience and then being true/ vulnerable enough to be a vessel and let the message and energy take over and come alive. You have to put in so many hours that when it’s time to go it’s like your body goes on auto pilot and your spirit takes over. It’s such an amazing feeling to have to kind of power.

Q: You attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy for musical theater. Tell us a little about that. What were some of your favorite shows/roles you performed?

Milan Gianni: Attending the American Musical Dramatic Academy was life changing for me. It was one of the most amazing but challenging times of my life. This program really pushed me to my limits and forced me to dig deeper than I ever have. They really cross train you in different singing styles, acting and dancing. The daily and weekly schedules were extraordinarily grueling and it was a lot to balance but it made me grow in ways I never imagined. AMDA is a conservatory program so I knew I was getting in 2 years what most students would be getting in a 4 year program so I expected it to be intense. I always surround myself around the best people so when selecting a program this was no different of a process for me. I respect my craft so much that I wanted to study at one of the most prestigious institutions with the best no matter how challenging it may be so that I can be at the top of my game. It was such a blessing to live in the upper west side of Manhattan and be able to train with some of the best in the industry on the daily. I was always staying at the studios late night rehearsing and creating to make sure I was on point. I truly found my voice as an artist during my journey there and I’m forever grateful for the experience. Some of my favorite roles I’ve played would have to be the scare crow in the wiz, Kaine in Dessa Rose and Tyrone in Fame the musical.

Q: Would you ever consider doing Broadway or Off Broadway shows?

Milan Gianni: Yes of course! I definitely want to do broadway and off broadway shows! I love musical theater. I love how im able to find the truth in a character and bring it to life. Being able to truly dig into the gut and mind of how a character thinks, breathes, moves and being able to bring that to life is my favorite part. It’s refreshing to be able to able be a vessel in a story that’s not about me. That makes me tap into a whole different sector of my being. My top 3 dream roles/shows I want to be in are Lola in Kinky Boots, Aladdin in Aladdin, and Simba in the Lion King.


Q: You also have a full EP set to drop later this year. What has the experience of creating that been like? What have you learned? Did anything surprise you during the process?

Milan Gianni: I’m so proud for the world to finally hear me. Milan Gianni the recording artist! You know it’s really been along time in the making to get to this point and I couldn’t be more happy. Believe it or not it took a whole 2 years to complete this whole process. If I had to describe the feeling I would say it’s been an emotional roller coaster. You know it’s been a lot creating and living in New York City and It was really challenging but I had to put up or shut up. When faced with adversity I had to put my money where mouth is and really make a lot of sacrifices to be able to stand where I am today. It was like growing pains. I really grew up through this project. It forces me to really be  vulnerable with myself and dig into my mind and pour out my soul unapologetically. Without the opinion of others but really getting to know the tiny voice inside that’s always been guiding and pushing me along. Through this process that voice eventually got stronger with every song I wrote and story I told. With every time I went into the both I was sure to be in the moment when I felt the way I felt when I experienced the moment I spoke about. I want you to be able to feel my spirit when I talk about my experiences. When I’m in the writing process it’s like an outer body experience and I just go to another place. Through this process I learned to fully accept where I am in my journey and feel each moment and use it for positivity in my life in some way. Also hard work and determination is what’s gonna get you to the next level. You really have to physically take control over your dreams and one step at a time make it happen.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without and one thing you wish we could all live without?

Milan Gianni: One thing I absolutely cant live without is music. It feeds my soul. One thing I wish we all could live without is our phones. I feel as though it’s an amazing tool when not abused but more times than not we abuse it. It’s like with social media really can get crazy and you can get wrapped up if your not careful.

Q: Where can we find Milan Gianni online?

Milan Gianni: You can find me on Instagram @milangiannimusic and subscribe to my YouTube channel MilanGianniTv. Also my debut single “Make up to Break up” off the EP is set to be released on September 28th on all major streaming platforms so stay tuned to my Instagram for all updates. 

Check out the video here:


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