George Steeves proves he is on the spectrum for success

George Steeves 8 ball.jpg

Last week I had the privilege of seeing actor/singer/songwriter George Steeves‘ one man show about his life on the Autism spectrum, ‘Magic 8 Ball (My Life with Asperger’s) in NYC. I met George via social media and a mutual friend, Ronnie Kroell a while ago, so I was familiar with him by what he posts and our interactions online. From that, I expected the show to be enjoyable and I also knew I’d probably learn some things about him I hadn’t seen online already.

When he first comes on stage, he begins to explain to the audience what Autism and Asperger’s syndrome are and then he starts off with his childhood. I have to say, somewhere in there I totally forgot I was watching a story about someone on the spectrum, his story could be about anyone who enters the professions of acting, singing, and songwriting; which makes it something universal and relatable.

His humor gives the whole show an energy that facilitates the learning process most of the audience is most likely experiencing and then his singing is delightful. Going in, I knew a bit about Autism and Asperger’s but I learned a bit more too. I also hadn’t realized some things about George’s life that are quite interesting. I didn’t know he tried out for American Idol (although I wasn’t at all surprised).

george steeves song

The bad news is, the NYC show was a one night event, the good news is George does have plans to return to the east coast soon. More good news for my friends in Los Angeles, George will be doing a show there soon as well.

My advice is: if you can attend one of George’s shows, do it! And also go into it with an open mind because even if you think you know all about Autism and Asperger’s, you will leave knowing more and looking at it all quite differently. I can attest that I had an extremely enjoyable time and learned a bit more about it all.

George has risen above things that might keep most people down and is truly inspirational to us all. The show is touching, funny, charming, informative, AND you get to hear him sing a few times. I suggest following him on social media to be sure you know when he’s performing and where. Say hello to him, let him know I sent you too. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.  If you know someone on the spectrum, I’d also suggest you introduce them to George’s social channels and his work. If you want to hear George’s music, head over to his Reverbnation page and get ready to be blown away.


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