Safeword. is more than a play, it’s an experience

safeword finale

If you follow me on social media, you know I was so excited about the new play, ‘Safeword.‘ by Asher Gelman. Asher wrote another play I totally fell in love with, ‘Afterglow‘, so I had high expectations for his latest creation. I am thrilled to report that my expectations were met!

Safeword.‘ is more than a play, it’s an experience that allows you to explore your own fantasies and needs. The play began performances on April 11, celebrated its opening night on April 25, and is playing at The American Theatre for Actors (314 W 54 Street). The show stars Jimmy Brooks, Maybe Burke, Joe Chisholm, and Traci Elaine Lee.

safeword dungeon

Safeword. is an exploration of power dynamics through BDSM and food It reveals how the people closest to us often have the most to hide. An unlikely meeting between New York City neighbors fosters a new friendship among two couples, laden with secrets. After an incident in which everything is revealed, they must all come to grips with the pieces of themselves they keep most hidden. As with Afterglow, Safeword. explores a specific topic (BDSM) that can also be any number of issues in a relationship that arise from keeping secrets and I think that is what makes both pieces universal.

safeword apartment

I was extremely impressed by the incredible talent of these four actors. I knew I would love the writing because I had already fallen in love with Asher’s work with ‘Afterglow’. I also knew Joe Chisholm would bring it since I had experienced his gift in Asher’s previous work as well. Joe, Jimmy Brooks, Traci Elaine Lee, and Maybe Burke give this story so much to relate to, so much heart, and soul.

If you’re in NYC or visiting in the next few months, add this to your list to experience. I am positive you will come away with much to talk about and it is a perfect addition to an enjoyable evening in the city. Pick up your tickets here.


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