She Calls Me Firefly will take you on a journey you’ll remember

sean fireflyI was blessed to see She Calls me Firefly on a dress rehearsal night a few weeks ago at the Soho Playhouse. It’s only running for about a month for Pride Month in NYC and sadly, ends it’s run Pride weekend. That means you only have one more week left to catch it before it’s gone. I plan on seeing it at least once this week, if not a few times before Sunday June 24th! It’s totally worth checking out a few times because I feel like it’s the type of art that will present new facets each time you see it.

Full disclosure, one of the stars, Sean Hudock is a good friend of mine but my desire to see the play has all to do with his amazing talent. During the rehearsal show, his performance moved me to tears, made me laugh, and touched my heart. He soars in any role he takes on and is one of the biggest supporters and allies of the LGBTQ community I know. I don’t think I’ve ever actually told him before but he constantly inspires me on my own journey and gives me so much strength when I need it. He has encouraged me to continue to be involved, fight, and be there for others in my community.

The show takes place in a Kentucky dive bar called Freddie’s Place, where it’s always nickel beer night and there’s live musical entertainment to start out each evening. You’ll be transported there for each performance because you’ll be seated in the bar, enjoying the live performance until the show begins around you.

cast fireflyHere’s the official description from the website:

‘It’s Nickel Beer Night at Freddie’s Place. Ken has come to drown his sorrows, but no amount of alcohol can wash away the pain of his broken relationship with Levi, nor the dark and difficult secrets of his past. As you enter Freddie’s you will instantly be transported from New York City streets to a Kentucky dive bar. Pull up a stool, grab a drink, and find yourself immersed in the searing world of She Calls Me Firefly.’

A new play written by Teresa Lotz, directed by Ludovica Villar-Hauser.
​​A co-production by Parity Productions and New Perspectives Theatre Company.

It’s the broken relationship that brings Ken into Freddie’s Place and this will tug at your heart-strings but it’s the dark and difficult secrets of his past that will shock you and bring you to tears. This play is a reminder that sometimes we must deal with our past in order to move on to the future we deserve. What holds us back and keeps us from happiness does not serve us. I don’t want to give away any of the important parts of the story but I feel like everyone can relate to it for sure!

She Calls Me Firefly is an official NYC Pride Partner and a perfect partner it is! If you are in NYC visiting for Pride or you live here, make this show part of your NYC Pride experience….You won’t be sorry. You can get tickets here for Monday June 18th, Wednesday June 20th, Thursday June 21st, Friday June 22nd, and Saturday June 23rd.


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